It’s a decision many a home or business owner have struggled with since its not as easy to buy office furniture today as it was in the days when the economy was still healthy and we all had a bit more money. With our markets the state it is in people have come to tighten their belts, to be more cost efficient and money conscious than ever. This of course means that investing in good quality furniture just isn’t viable anymore. And renting office furniture has become the smart choice.

Both renting and buying have their own set of pros and cons though and before you make a decision be sure you know what each entails…

Buying Office Furniture

  • Long term
  • Permanent
  • Fixed
  • Price

Hiring Office Furniture

  • Short term
  • Temporary
  • Flexible
  • Price

Short Term vs. Long Term

When considering your options you should firstly figure out what exactly it is you need now and what your plans are for the future. If you know you are only in a specific workplace for a temporary time then you would be foolish to buy furniture. It doesn’t make sense buying something so expensive that you might not need soon. Re-selling will only leave you frustrated as you are not even going to get a fraction of what you paid originally
Renting office furniture is the best option for short term solutions.

Price vs. Price

Once again renting office furniture is the best option to consider if you’re a bit tight on money. But only over the short term! In reality the money you are going to be paying per month could have gone toward purchasing your own furniture.

The problem is we don’t all have that kind of time and might need some office furniture immediately which once again makes renting office furniture the best short term solution.

Permanent vs. Temporary

If you buy a piece you commit yourself to the purchase and pay the full amount. The good thing is that it is now yours forever to do with as you wish. The problem is that things change, especially in the work environment and buying office furniture could be a waste of money and space.

Hiring office furniture allows you to return items if they are no longer in use (maybe you hired it to do a specific job or maybe you have been cutting employee numbers).

Fixed Vs. Flexible

As mentioned above once you buy a piece of furniture it’s hard to go back without any consequences. For example, you may have loved the Feng Shuie trend and decided to decorate your office accordingly. Now it’s a year later and the hot new craze people are following are leaving you anxious because you are now stuck with furniture that is out dated.

The fun thing about hiring office furniture is that you can try on styles to find the best fit for you, your business and where you’re at professionally