Purchasing the furniture for your office is an expensive proposition. It can make or break start up budgets and can become high costing problem in the long run.

There are two main keys to controlling your costs concerning office furniture; by hiring the furniture you need and by only getting the items your office really need.

So what should a successful office be furnished with?

General, All Purpose Office Furniture

The desk and the chair: this is the most basic of items you need in your office if you want to start being productive. They give you and your office employee the space they need to perform tasks and do their work. Filing, typing, reading, writing as well as answering of the phones and taking messages are all part of what generally goes on in an office.

Computer Furniture

There are certain tasks executed within a work space that will require special or customized office furniture. The most common of these being the computer. Most employees spend the majority of their working hours on the computer.

Storage Furniture

Any office needs specific places to organize things like documentation, legal paper, even stationary and other items. Storage units are important if you want to structurize your work area. It helps to keep things in place, making them easy to find and the fact that you won’t be rummaging through heaps of clutter wont hurt your efficiency either.

Look at hiring filing cabinets if you plan to be working with paper document. Just remember that not all filing cabinets are the same. You are going to identify what the documents you plan to be filing will look like, and what the information is. Also important is how you plan to categorize the files and what information you find most necessary.

For everything else you need to organize requires items like storage cabinets, shelving unit as well as hidden storage like foldaway containers etc.

The Reception Area

Why is it that the most visible part of many businesses gets looked over so easily? Your reception area is your one chance to make a good first impression, whether it is because of the lavish decorating or the sleek design this is where a customer will decide what his opinion of your business will be.

Countertops & Additional Work Areas

There may be more to your company than pushing papers and taking calls. Many businesses have other work that can’t be accomplished at a desk as it will cause disturbance in the work area but also may hinder the work you are trying to do.

The Break Room or Kitchen

By investing in your break room you are also investing in your employees. A well designed fully equipped break room will motivate employees to work when the time comes and shows your appreciation for your employees. They should have no need to go home for lunch or break time. A perfect break room would actually be preferred to going home as they have everything and more they need.